How to avoid aquaplaning

Aquaplaning can be scary, but by keeping calm it can be easily dealt with. But what is aquaplaning? Aquaplaning, or hydroplaning, is the name given to the situation in which a layer of water gets trapped between your car’s tyres and the road, resulting...Read More

How to do deal with driving test nerves

Everyone gets nervous before exams, and those who say they don’t are probably lying. A few nerves can help keep you alert and aware, but too many and they can be more a hindrance than a help. In this video we’ll take you through...Read More

How to save money on fuel

While it’s immensely freeing, driving can also get rather expensive. In this video we take you through a number of ways you can keep your driving costs down so you can enjoy all of the freedom without having to worry so much about the...Read More

theory test

Tips for passing your theory test

Before you can get on the road, you’ll need to make sure you’ve passed your theory test and that you know your stuff when it comes to the highway code. A theory test costs £25 a go, so you want to make sure you’re...Read More

Video: How to drive on dual carriageways

At some point during your driving lessons, you’ll have to tackle driving on dual carriageways. This can seem like a daunting idea at first, but once you’ve mastered the basics of being on the road, getting to grips with driving at high speeds isn’t...Read More

driving test nerves

How to deal with driving test nerves

You’re bound to be nervous on the day of your driving test. It’s something you’ve probably spent months preparing for, and it’s finally arrived. In fact, it would be weird not to feel a few butterflies on test day, but getting so nervous that...Read More